By Tony Ubani

Things got to a head when the chairmen who have been starved of funds and ridiculed by scathing press reports threatened to resign en-masse if chairman of the LOC and President of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, Sani Lulu Abdullahi, did not sack the CEO.

“It was rowdy and the chairmen meant business. They argued that they could no longer continue to bear the brunt of Nigerians and be made to look like fools when funds are denied them for their sub-seats”, our reliable source said. We learnt that Lulu was put under severe pressure to kick out his CEO or risk the resignation of the chairmen of the eight venues.

“Lulu was calm and knew the implications of sack or allowing his henchmen resign. He appealed to them and instead of sack sent a strong-worded query to Mainaissara”.

Many hours later, the CEO reported for the meeting and ran into a helluva of angry chairmen. Our source said that he managed to appease them when he informed that he was  sorting out knotty details at Aso Rock.
We learnt that the ranting of the chairmen could not get money for them as they were once again denied release of monies approved for them on excuses that the Minister and Chairman of National Sports Commission, NSC, Engr. Sani Ndanusa, must give his blessing. They all grumbled and rumbled out to their various sub-seats for opening matches.


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