AN articulated aerial attack of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York,  and the Pentagon on 11 September eight years ago, changed the world significantly, especially the frenzy with which the United States pushed its war against terrorism.

It was an unthinkable attack on the United States, where one of the targets was the Pentagon, the seat of America’s military might.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a group James H. Fetzer and Steven E. Jones founded on 15 December 2005, which includes some 200 experts and scholars, believe US Government’s theory of the September 11, attacks covers-up its own involvement in the crime.

The group maintains the official account of September 11 “violates laws of physics and of structural engineering”. They observed that jet-fuel based fires do not attain temperatures above 1,800 degrees F under optimal conditions and that the melting point of steel is 1,000 degrees higher, which means that the steel did not melt.

“UL certified the steel used in the construction for up to 2,000 degrees for six hours before it would even significantly weaken. The fires were neither hot enough nor long enough to have caused the steel to weaken.

“The impacts of the aircraft also appear to have had negligible effect on the collapse of the buildings. Frank DeMartini, the project manager of the construction, observed that, given the sophisticated load-redistribution capacities built into the towers around its 47 massive core columns, the impact of an airplane would be like ‘sticking a pencil through mosquito netting’, which suggests that neither the fires nor the planes brought the buildings down.

“A far more extensive fire occurred in WTC-1 on February 13, 1975, which burned at much higher temperatures for three hours and spread over 65 per cent of the 11th floor, including the core, yet caused no significant damage to the steel structure and no trusses had to be replaced,” the group states on a website.

US Government denies the conspiracy theories around the attack, but the debates have not abated the wave of attacks against perceived terrorists. America’s brute force has worsened world security since September 11. More terrorist attacks have reverberated round the world including ones in Kenya and Tanzania where the Nigerian High Commission was among places hit.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Spain, England, Pakistan, Russia, have suffered threats and real terrorist attacks.

As America tries to preach freedom and democracy, it fails woefully to accord other countries any right to match these aspirations with measures that fit their national circumstances. Terrorism, in some cases, is rebellion against American impertinence.

The bellicose administration of George W. Bush saw war as answer to all issues. It turned September 11 to the perfect excuse for unleashing war wherever he fancied. His actions increased world insecurity and leaves terrorism intractable.

Poverty and political instability, which America leads the developed world to promote outside their shores, and mounting racism, encourage terrorism, and sustain memories of September 11.


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