THE Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is a behemoth in every sense. It has governors in 28 States and the numbers keep increasing through the subterfuge that sees governors decamping to the party. The Houses of Assembly of those States are in PDP’s control.

At the National Assembly, PDP has overwhelming hold with 89 senators and majority of the members of the House of Representatives. It can pass virtually any law it wants, if it works as a united front. Fortunately, for Nigerians, it is the most fractious party in Africa.

No party in our history has had this type of dominance. No party has also woefully failed to utilise the opportunities this dominance creates for the common good. PDP fights itself. Its primaries are wars fought with maximum impact. Law enforcement agents look away when PDP members engage themselves in criminal matters ranging from arson to murder. They are treated as “family affairs”.

PDP is a party of huge numbers and common commotions.  When the signs appear the party feigns surprise.

Why would anyone consider ordinary 47 aspirants for governorship of Anambra State a high number? Is this not the State where everyone is His Excellency? Anambra is the State where every political party has as many factions as there are billionaires to fund them. Billionaires are here in high numbers with egos as big as their war chests.

PDP is building a national secretariat that would cost N11 billion. If you are wondering who would contribute the money, governors and contractors would be the key financiers of the house of intrigues.

In a country ravaged by poverty, illnesses, illiteracy (on the increase with ignored teachers’ strikes), unemployment, insecurity and where rule of law translates to the rule of the mighty, PDP is a great study in immodesties.

All the complaints about corruption and poor governance immediately indict a party that has dominated the country’s politics in the past 10 years, returning high numbers of elected positions at elections, and with them, the right to appoint its members to man the commanding heights of national interests.

The high number of governorship aspirants in Anambra State, for example, typifies the unbridled greed in the party, unchecked indiscipline and a party that runs on convenience. In 11 years of PDP, it has had five chairmen – Solomon Lar, Barnabas Gemade, Innocent Audu Ogbeh, Dr. Ahmadu Ali and Prince Vincent Ogbulafor.

They were never elected, they normally leave unceremoniously too. None has had a second term. The patronage a PDP chairman administers is too elaborate to be left for too long in the hands of an individual.

For a party that drives the nation’s democracy, its rejection of internal democracy has spread through the other parties that mostly broke away from PDP.

Nigerians are in trepidation over what PDP intends to turn the country into, after it executes its promised hold of 60 years on our lives – it still has 50 years left.


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