By Patricia Arawore

In a country where businesses and industries are closing down by the day- small and medium-scale concerns are operating much below capacity, and thousands of people are being thrown out of their jobs, while graduates numbering hundreds of thousands are joining the unemployment queues daily.

At a time also when the Money market is experiencing an all-time low the world over, and there is hopelessness everywhere; and money getting more and more out of reach. The result is that the crime level continues to soar as people are becoming more innovative crime-wise, kidnapping, being the trend. There is general despondency in the land.

In view of the above, I believe that it has become important for every woman, man, or young person, not just to learn how to hold on to the Naira, which seems to just fly out of our purses as soon as we earn it, but it is imperative I think, to start this series with the principles of creating wealth with the hope of helping our readers desirous of moving from their present level, to a new lifestyle of successful living and great fulfillment.

Really, won‘t it be nice to have enough money to buy all that we need and meet all our various responsibilities, and still have plenty to keep? After all, who doesn‘t want to be rich?
Every human being who has reached the age of understanding and knows the importance of the use of money, must surely desire to have it, and that is a normal phenomenon of life.

Wealth is not a bad thing. True. Some say that money is the root of all evil but in truth (a) it is only the love for money or (b) how you acquire it, and (c) how it is used that determines whether money is good or not.


This is a question that we all must ask ourselves. How did they do it, or is there something they know that we do not know? Strange enough, the answer is Yes! They know so many things which we all need to know to become like them.
Is it possible for us to leave the poverty line and step up to a dream lifestyle? Yes, it is! So long as you are determined to do so.

This column will seek to address this all important issue that now dominate every family discussion. It is my hope also, that as you continue to read this column, all those wishing to positively change their lifestyle through the  acquisition of Wealth Creation Strategies, will find the needed solution, which they have either ignored, or has eluded them for years.

In putting this article together, I asked myself the first question, I believe will be on every reader‘s mind. And that is- What qualifies you, Patricia to begin to educate people on how to create wealth? Have you applied the principles yourself and have therefore become a very wealthy woman?
Let me quickly say that I am comfortable enough. But the truth also is that I have never desired to be ‘Bill Gates Wealthy’. My comfort zone has been achieved basically because I have applied some of these principles with a desire to succeed in my chosen career and whatever I set my mind to do. Indeed, I must say that I have not done too badly.

The principles of creating wealth is same as achieving success in our chosen career.
It is important to note that being rich is a good thing, and believe me, that there is plenty of wealth to go round. Some people believe that wealth-making is only for a privileged few, and therefore, they do not even bother to try.

The truth though is that anybody can make money. Money does not discriminate in any form, be it colour, class or creed. It does not matter whether you are African, European, American or even from Jakpa, my village in Warri Local Government. Wealth will come to you if you follow the basic principles.
The key to becoming wealthy is that you must have a dream, not just a dream, but a BURNING DESIRE. You must also be able to define that DESIRE, follow it passionately, and then have the ability to breathe life into it.

A lot of people dream about wealth but are too lazy to get rich. They are not prepared to make sacrifices, work hard or put in the needed effort to live a focused and disciplined life. But you must always remember that focus and discipline are key to success and wealth.
You need to visualise in your mind‘s eye what you want to be, as what you want to become will determine how much sacrifice, time, energy, etc you will need to invest. It is also important to be able to translate that burning desire into reality, i.e giving it life.

In putting together the Hallmarks of Labour Role Model Awards, I am encouraged by some of the stories of these outstanding Nigerians. For example, the story of the late Alhaji Babatunde Isma‘il Jose is quite inspiring. He was a man of humble beginnings, who like most children, was forced out of school as a result of the economic crisis resulting from the 2nd World War in 1939.

At this point, his hopes were shattered. However he had nothing else but his VERY STRONG DESIRE to be like his mentor, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, whose writings in The West African Pilot, was a great inspiration to Jose and most people of that generation.

Having no money to further his education, Jose decided to look for a job. He told me how excited he was when he got a job at the Daily Times of Nigeria as a Technical Trainee. However, through diligence and hard work, he rose to the Editorial Department and eventually became, the first indigenous Managing Director of the Daily Times, of which he was instrumental to its massive growth within and beyond the Nigerian borders.

Ironically today, it is Alhaji Jose that is being referred to as the father of modern Journalism in Nigeria and not Zik, from whom he drew his inspiration.  The lesson here is that Jose had a burning desire and proceeded to give life to that desire by taking the first step of getting a job with the Newspaper House. Defining where he wanted to get to, he worked his way diligently into the Editorial department, and several years later, became the head of the biggest Newspaper House in Africa.  Needless to add the power and influence that go with a job like his.

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