By Ochereome Nnanna
ON Monday, 6th of July 2009, the Compass Newspapers owned by the Governor of Ogun State, Chief Gbenga Daniel, ran a front page exclusive story that froze the blood in the veins of all decent people. On display were two stark naked photos of a middle-aged man, whose name was given as Wale Alausa, a legislator who represents Ijebu Ode Constituency in the Ogun State House of Assembly.

He was clutching some fetish objects in front of what looked like a shrine. In one of the photographs was a hand of a person which the accompanying story alleged was that of the witchdoctor administering the oath. There are now two versions of this bizarre story. The newspaper told one version. The man in the picture told the other.

According to the newspaper, Alausa, a member of the so-called G15 group of legislators opposed to the governor, took what it called a blood oath” at a shrine in Ijebu Igbo in order to maintain their united front against their publisher, the governor. The paper actually attributed the crisis in the House to the said blood oath. When people came out of their shock after gazing at these pictures and reading the accompanying story, they started thinking.

Some opined that the pictures were suspect, especially in these days of high savvy in computer simulation, which is no longer a rocket science to many people.

They pointed to a similar case involving the Governor of Abia State, Chief Theodore Orji, and his opponents which were tendered at the tribunal as evidence of the Governor being a member of a secret cult, but which the tribunal dismissed as an untenable and suspect exhibit.

Again, some asked the question: How did Compass Newspaper or the source from which it got the photos obtain them?

Do blood oath takers usually retain the services of photographers to snap them in the nude? Are these demonic rites usually not carried out in absolute secrecy; secrecy being the core essence of this act? Would the oath-takers not go to the strictest ends to ensure that evidence of their nocturnal rituals were kept within the walls of their covens? Given this situation, even a breakaway oath-taker will not be able to peddle any physical evidence of the act to outsiders, especially a photograph.

It was in the midst of this puzzlement that Alausa went public with his own bombshell. The usual pattern to this kind of story is that the man in the picture will deny its authenticity. But Alausa owned up, not only to being the man in the picture but also confirmed the authenticity of the photographs.

But the details and motive were directly opposite to the ones presented by Gbenga Daniel’s Compass Newspaper. Alausa said the photographs were taken in Daniel’s Shagamu residence in 2007 in a ritual the Governor “forced” him to participate in as a precondition for being given his nomination ticket to run for the House of Assembly.

According to Alausa, Daniel did so in order to bind Alausa’s “loyalty” to him by supernatural means. But Alausa, who is obviously a very wayward and morally un-anchored individual, emphasised that his father, who got him the legislative plum job, was pressured by Daniel to compel him (Alausa) to submit to the oath ritual.

With this confession, the puzzle was solved once and for all. One can now independently piece together the story of what might have happened. In summary, Daniel apparently gave the oath-taking as his condition for conceding the Ijebu Ode parliamentary ticket of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to Alausa, the son of Alhaji Agboola Alausa, a politically well-connected elder of the party in the Ijebu area who wanted this job for his son, despite his trouble track record.

When the crisis in the state took a turn whereby the political interests of Governor Daniel and Alausa were no longer in uniform alignment, Alausa deserted and joined Daniel’s enemies. In anger and retaliation, Daniel decided to expose Alausa and caused his newspaper to spin the yarn that it did with such relish that Monday.

He had obviously arranged for the photos to be taken as a further weapon to keep Alausa tied to his side. But he had reckoned with Alausa’s mercurial and maverick nature, as well as his incapacity to be held back by scruples.

The shame that was acted out in Ogun State is not new. It is only the latest in a litany of exposures of the diabolical ends to which our political elite go to acquire power, stay in power and prevent themselves from being removed from power.

We saw it in Anambra State with former Governor Chris Ngige and his Uba family of godfathers, when the Okija Shrine cloak-and-dagger adventures were exposed for the world to see. We saw it in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), when its former Chairman, Sam Edem, went head-on against its ex-Managing Director, Mr. Timi Alaibe.

It manifests in other evil forms, such as the many unsolved murders of Bola Ige, Funso Williams, Marshall Harry, Aminasoari Dibiko and others. We see it in form of vote stealing and electoral gangsterism.

Most of the people ruling us have sold their souls to demons and are completely at the beck and call of what the Holy Bible describes as “principalities and powers in high places” as well as “wicked princes of darkness”.

Our legislative and executive chambers are filled with such godless individuals who, as if mocking us, still insist on being addressed as Honourables and their Excellencies! Pity enough, some of our colleagues in the media even go as far as addressing the Wale Alausa’s in our legislatures as Rt. Honourables, a nomenclature that is completely alien to our presidential system of government and therefore smacks of political illiteracy.

If you look at most of the states bedevilled by crises and poor quality of governance, it usually owes to the fact that they have been mortgaged to demons by those in control. How can you have peace when demons are running your life? It is impossible.

Nigerian politicians need salvation. There is nothing to it. All that a person who rented his soul to Satan needs to do is to take a walk and seek salvation. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. The devil is a coward. Ngige did, and nothing happened to him. Daniel, Alausa and all who got themselves mixed up with this crazy business can do the same.

Once they do this, peace and progress will return to Ogun State.


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