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Killer – Zika Fever : Mosquito–borne virus is potential death sentence

THIS is the season of fevers. The menace of fevers is rocking the world. True, yellow fever is no longer a global threat, but malaria fever is still with us while typhoid fever remains on the prowl . Sierra Leone is still at alert for Ebola fever and Saudi Arabia is wary of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome a.k.a MERS – a viral respiratory illness that is relatively new to humans.

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LASSA, ZIKA FEVERS: Poor disease control fuels killer-viruses in Nigeria —Prof. Ugbomoiko

Professor Uade Sam Ugbomoiko is a parasitologist and former Head of Department of Zoology, University of Ilorin. His research focus covers parasites of small mammals, epidemiology and control of zoonotic parasites. Ugbomoiko gives a fresh insight into the treatment of diseases in Nigeria and how to stem the tide. He speaks against the backdrop of the Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria.

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