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NAMA commissions Cat 3 ILS in Lagos, Abuja Airports

The midas touch at NAMA

FIXING round pegs in round holes is a natural catalyst in fast-tracking growth in forward-looking organisations. It engenders cordiality and promotes industrial harmony through mutual respect. The experience of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency between 2017 and now, attests to the fact that leadership is pivotal to development. A few years back, considerations were made on the need to fix the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency’smany shortfalls, ranging from faulty equipment, staff low morale to managing the crisis anticipated in the shutting down of the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport for six weeks. Captain Fola Akinkuotu, experienced, savvy and at home with contemporary nuances in the management of aviation projects were assigned the task. Since then, the story has been onward together.

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