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Bloomberg accused of running media empire with toxic work culture

Michael Bloomberg has been repeatedly accused of presiding over a toxic, predatory environment in dozens of lawsuits filed by female staff over the past two decades, a new report reveals. Bloomberg LP, the business-news-focused media company founded and owned by the 77-year-old multi-billionaire has been hit with nearly 40 discrimination and harassment suits from 64
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Monkey work, baboon chop

WHILE the whole country is praising God for the safe landing of all occupants, including the Vice President, on board the ill-fated Caverton helicopter that crash-landed in Kaba, Kogi State, many are still pondering on what would have been, if the accident had been otherwise. This is a man who has given his best to shore up the image of a government that has apparently fallen short on its promises, in all ramifications except in the area of propaganda.

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Do you want your work to be better organised?

IF you lack the motivation to jump-start projects and assignments at work; or have bad habit of scrambling to get the job done by pulling a stressful all-nighter, then you may have a bigger problem than lack of organization. In fact, the speed-bump in your progress might be procrastination. identifies these types of on-the-job procrastinators and provides simple techniques to combat that nasty urge to delay.

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Let your differences work for you

You must have heard or seen divorced or separated couples cite “irreconcilable differences.” But most times, differences are only irreconcilable because of ego, poor management of the differences and rigidity (in marriage there is nothing like it must be my way always. Sometimes you must shift ground, especially if your spouse’s position or line of thought is better). Ideally, irreconcilable differences should not arise after marriage because all such core issues should have been dealt with during courtship.

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