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A world, too dangerous for children

AUSTRALIA, Israel and the United States, US, are countries of migrants, but they are also places that are dangerous for children, especially if they are not White. I am not referring to the  common-place massacre of children in US schools by the clearly deranged, or the routine murder of Blacks in ‘God’s Own Country’.

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The power in the word

Evil always lives with people. It does not run away, but it can be cast away. There is a saying that a pregnant woman is considered not after she had given birth to her baby but after she had also given birth to the placenta. The placenta is usually portrayed as both evil and good.

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Set yourself free with the Word

Brethren, the year 2017 is unfolding. As individuals, we have our aspirations and expectations but, as Christians, we should always remember that these dreams would not become a reality when we exclude the divine touch. What do I mean? With you on the side of God and God on your side, your little efforts will produce amazing testimonies. You will definitely have pleasant surprises.

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The word of Paul is not the Word of God (1)

Ask a Christian a question about Jesus, and he might answer with a quotation from Paul.  But who tells us Paul speaks for Jesus?  Why do we need Paul to speak for Jesus when Jesus speaks for himself?  Why do we need Paul to speak for Jesus when Jesus himself warns us: “Be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time?” (Mark 13:23).  If Jesus has told us all we need to know, why do we need someone else to add to, or subtract from, what he said?

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