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SOW & G marks International Women’s Day

As a fall-out of global events commemorating this year’s ‘International Women’s Day’, a non-governmental organisation known as Save Our Women and Girls Foundation (SOW & G) organised a symposium to celebrate women and girls. The event took place on March 8th at Palazo Dumont Hotel, Chevron Drive, Lekki, and attracted dignitaries from various spheres of life. The theme of the event ‘Press Forward’, was derived from the IWD’s global theme ‘Press for Progress’.

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That Women’s Day celebration in Ekiti

There is this time honoured saying that behind every successful man is a woman. No man can honestly lay a claim to success without the support of women; whether here at home or abroad, we have seen the important role that women play in the life of their men. It must be for this reason, among others, that the International Day for Women has become well-recognised all over the world. Women must be celebrated as mothers; they must be celebrated as wives; and they must be celebrated as helpmates that God has made them to be for the men. Above all, today’s global village necessitates that women must also be celebrated for their contributions to world civilization and development.

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