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women in banking

Banks in efforts to address gender disparities

WOMEN, today, are accepted as pillars of the smallest economic unit, the family. From them, great people, both male and female, have been birthed. This shows that women are forces to be reckoned with in terms of nation-building and economic development. However, the special qualities possessed by women have been downgraded and played to a minor key due to ignorance on the part of most and lack of concern or appreciation by others. Hence the establishment of structures of inequality against women, as opposed to men, has come to generate the phenomenon of gender disparity. 

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Women in politics and government

I AM writing this piece from Rabat, having been invited on the conference circuit in the beautiful Moroccan capital. I missed the governorship and state assembly elections on Saturday. Friday, March 9 was International Women’s Day, an event that was celebrated here with solemnity. Morocco is a Muslim country, but also a progressive one. Women here have made considerable progress, unlike in Nigeri

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Women’s Day: Nigerian women contributions to liberation

TODAY is International Women Day, a day dedicated to the liberation of women, and by extension, the emancipation of all humanity from discrimination and repression. Its observance is based on the 1910  motion by German liberation fighter, Clara Zetkin, at the Second International Conference of Working Women. The 2019 Women’s Day coincides with the 90th Anniversary of the greatest women revolt in African history, the 1929 Aba Women Uprising which the British colonialists sought to denigrate by officially referring to it as a ‘riot’.

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