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US and USSR: Russia and the West

WHAT really is the problem between Russia, the US and the West? It would seem that geopolitically they need each other as enemies to keep their respective people quiescent! In Ukraine, the Russians had a pro-Russian President who was removed by a coup to be replaced by a pro-Western President. Russia responded by encouraging a Separatist Russian speaking Eastern Ukraine to secede.

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How the West consumes the earth

I reviewed a book once, starting by commending the excellent printing quality, binding, and finishing of the book. I was proud that the book was made in my own country, at the book making town of Ibadan. Let me start the review of this book, How Much is Enough?:The Consumer Society and the Future of the Earth, written by Alan Durning, by discussing the cover illustration, of which, after reading the book’s content, you will agree with me that it effectively summarises the whole work.

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