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Wedding Gown Etiquette

For the bride to be the day is a treasured memorable day as the bride is the spectacle that everyone wants to see, she is easily the focus of attention that day along with her beau of course. The day brings emotions, fun, excitement and love for the families involved, just as it requires a huge amount team work for the planning despite how big or small the ceremony will be.

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Plan your wedding within your means – Francis Ewherido

I went to visit a banker friend recently. When I got to his office, I met one of his usually cheerful female subordinates moody. I was curious. I later found out she is getting married soon and had ran out of cash. Her wedding budget is N10m, while her salary is N1,800,000 per annum. My friend said that her fiancé probably earns less. So, together, their income is about N3.2m per annum. From the look of things, not much assistance will come from their families because both of them actually support their parents financially. Yet they want to spend an amount more than their combined salaries for three years for their wedding!

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