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After wedding drama

I was not there; I saw the video like many others. The narrative said it happened in Kilo, Ikate, Surulere, Lagos. A newly-wed man walked out on his wife during their wedding reception; saying “I no dey do again” (I am not marrying her anymore),while putting both hands at the back of his neck/head (a sign of despair). His wife was running after him, throwing herself on the ground, but the guy insisted he was done.

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Days to his wedding and planning to meet another lover’s parents!

“After Michael proposed, we both went to my parents to give them the good news. As soon as they got glimpse of the sparkling engagement ring, they were ecstatic. ‘You’ve got a good man here, Lynda’, my mum beamed.  `My son-in-law to be!’ dad added, giving Mike a very warm handshake. I couldn’t wait to get married and my parents urged us to go ahead with our wedding plans – they were paying.  What’s more, we should spare no expense.

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