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US Attorney General, Barr, tells people he might quit over Trump tweets

United States Attorney General William Barr has told people close to him he’s considering quitting his post after the nation’s President, Donald Trump, wouldn’t heed his warning to stop tweeting about Justice Department cases, an administration official told The Associated Press. The revelation came days after Barr took a public swipe at the president, saying
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Coronavirus: Nigerians deserve palliative measures ― Atiku

Alleged soldiers’ secret burial: Don’t dramatise Wall Street Journal report, NDF to Atiku

The National Democratic Front (NDF) has asked Atiku Abubakar not to make a show of the Wall Street Journal report, alleging that thousands of soldiers were killed and buried secretly. The publication had said over 1000 soldiers killed in the fight against insurgency were secretly buried, an allegation the military authorities denied. Atiku challenged the
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