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Nigeria not failed state, says ADP

Vision 20-2020; The mother of all lies

Vision 20-2020 must be the greatest lie any President or Prime Minister ever told to his country. It was a national swindle for the project had no foundation whatsoever as it was not based on any solid reasoning and so should not have been embarked on “at all at all” as the bus stop man would add for emphasis, often with a shake of the head to illustrate his anger, at something that should not have taken off.

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Another development blueprint: VISION 20-2020

THE Vision 20:2020 is a dream statement that Nigeria will become one of the first 20 economies in the world by the year 2020. The Vision is traceable to a research conducted by economists at an American Investment Bank, a fall-out of which was a prediction that Nigeria would be in the league of 20 top economies by the year 2025.

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