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Sex: Why most women regret their first time and men don’t

So what was your first time like? Crisp sheets and the gentle touch of a caring soul-mate swearing undying love, or an awkward drunken fumble in a back room, a motel room or at a party? The age we lose our .virginity is perhaps the question that fascinates us more than any other. Did you start having sex too young, or were you a late starter! According ,to a report by the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle, The average ‘enlightened’ person first had sex when they are in their mid-teens. “Look at the statistics for older generations and it’s clear that people are becoming sexually active sooner,” says the report. “On average, a man who is now in his 80s first had sex when he was 18, while an average woman of that generation waited until she was 19.

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