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BREAKING: US senators clear Trump of inciting Capitol Hill riot

US Democrats set to detail impeachment case against Trump

United States (US) Democratic lawmakers prosecuting Donald Trump are set to detail their case against him Wednesday, in a longshot bid to convince sceptical Republican senators they should impeach the former president. Trump’s second impeachment trial opened Tuesday with Democrats showing harrowing video footage of his supporters’ January 6 assault on the US Capitol, where
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US Democrats control of Senate in reach, as party wins first Georgia runoff

Joe Biden’s Democratic Party took a giant step Wednesday towards seizing control of the US Senate as they won the first of two Georgia run-offs, hours before Congress was set to certify the president-elect’s victory over Donald Trump. Reverend Raphael Warnock’s victory, projected by multiple US networks overnight, capped a grueling nine-week runoff campaign and puts Georgia’s other
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