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2019: Urhobo’s ‘ll Vote Buhari-Delta Central APC

By Festus Ahon & Perez Brisibe

UGHELLI – DELTA Central Executive of the All Progressives Congress, APC led by Chief Edewor Akpedafe, weekend said the urhobos would vote for President Muhammad Buhari in the 2019 presidential elections owing to the availability of projects sponsored by the presidency through the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC spread across the state.

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UPU: Taiga and the shame of Urhobos

OLOROGUN Moses Taiga, son of the respected Joseph Taiga Zeze, an Ijaw man from Kiagbodo who currently presents himself as a factional President General, PG, of the Urhobo Progressive Union recently recruited two mendacious surrogates, one Francis Ewherido  and a politician by name Onokpasa, to gloss his history by trying vainly to re-write the patrilineal structure and nature of Urhobo society and history in their seperate articles titled: “Delta:season of omuru and umuta” and “why Taiga is solidly urhobo” .

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Urhobos and primogeniture tradition

THE tradition of primogeniture entails the total non-negotiable handing over of power of attorney over properties, titles, positions, etc to the eldest son. This is a very common practice all over the world. The eldest son and not the eldest daughter is looked upon as the pretender to the throne. And as soon as the king dies he is crowned as the next king. He is always regarded as the king in waiting.

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Leave the Ijaws alone

RECENTLY two Ijaws citizens have come under the light of the agents charged with corruption-Mrs. Deziani Allison – Madukwe, and Chief D. S. P Alamieyesiegha. One was arrested in London plushest address at no1 Park lane, another one was being sought out by the British police to answer charges of money laundering.

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Urhobos Senatorial Tsunami

A typical Delta pidgin goes this way:“Play play naim de turn to eat and go”. The Delta Central Senatorial by- election which took place on October 12, 2003 turned out to be such that most people in Delta felt the APC, a party that had nothing on ground and the DPP decided to change the fortune of the Urhobo Nation by coming back in their droves to vote PDP and reclaim the glory which the PDP lost narrowly in 2011 to DPP

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