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Udoma, Japan

Why Nigerians are yet to feel impact of economic growth — Udoma

O n the sidelines of the   just concluded World Bank/ International Monetary Fund Meetings in Indonesia, the Minister of National Planning, Sen. Udoma Udoma, took time to speak exclusively  to Financial Vanguard  team at the Meetings on some gains of Nigeria’s participation at the Meetings as well as on some topical issues in the Nigerian economy as at today. Below are the excerpts.

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Poorer now richer in the long run

Alfred Marshall, the father of classical economics and the person who pointed out the principles of comparative advantage taught us what any professional economist must understand as his main contribution to society at large. Given the scarcity of resources, even in temporarily affluent nations like the USA, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, no nation has all the resources to do all that it needs to do, now and in the future.

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