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Tunisia president backs hanging amid uproar over woman’s murder

Tunisia’s President Kais Saied has said he backs capital punishment, after public outrage over a woman’s murder sparked calls for executions to restart following a three-decade-long pause. “Anyone who kills a person for no reason deserves the death penalty,” Saied told the nation’s security council late Monday, according to a video posted by the presidency.
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Heavy rains kill six in Tunisia

Six people, including three children, have been killed in six days of heavy rains across Tunisia, a spokesman for the civil protection agency told AFP on Friday. The severe weather has in the last week hit numerous regions from Jendouba, an agricultural area in the northwest, to Mahdia, a tourist region in the east. Two
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Robot helps Tunisia medics avoid infection from coronavirus patients

Medics have deployed a robot in a Tunisia’s hospital caring for coronavirus victims to limit contact between staff and infected patients, in a first for the North African country. The tall, single-limbed machine is mounted on wheels and is capable of taking pulses and checking temperatures and blood oxygen levels. It enables nurses, doctors and patients’
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