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Tragedy of desperation

I contemplated telling my husband so that I will not be the only one to bear the burden of the terrible development. But my pastor’s wife’s words kept ringing in my ears. What if he decides to tell the pastor and their marriage and life is ruined? What if she denies and the whole blame is heaped on me, what will become of us in the church?

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Tragedy: How parents lost 3 children to fire

NOBODY in Akwuorji, Ezeogwu, Awo-Idemili community, Orsu local council area of Imo State, had an inkling that tragedy was lurking around the corner last week. Not even Mr. and Mrs. Monday Ndemezeka knew what was awaiting them on that fateful day. They woke up as usual and did all they used to do, including sending their children to school and bringing them back.

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Remembering the Sosoliso air tragedy

December 10th 2015 was the tenth year anniversary of one of the most heart-rending air tragedies in Nigeria’s history. On that fateful day, one of the airlines in the country at that time, Sosoliso Airlines travelling from Abuja to Port Harcourt, crashed while attempting to land, claiming the lives of 109 passengers on board. Only two lucky passengers eventually survived after sustained medical attention.

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