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Secret of Toyota Land Cruiser dominance, 4WD supremacy

THE Toyota Land Cruiser station wagon is unarguably the most popular large sport utility vehicle, SUV in Nigeria. As the flagship of the Toyota family, the Land Cruiser, like other Toyota models in Nigeria has dominated its segment for close to seven decades without any strong rivalry in its class. For instance, there is no state governor in the country whose vehicle fleet is not dominated by the Land Cruiser, not to talk of presidential fleet. The military and para military, prominent private individuals across the length and breadth of the country also see the Land Cruiser a status symbol. Even the United Nations too, have found the Land Cruiser as the favourite large SUV in the execution of its tough assignments in many parts of the world where the terrain are very difficult.

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Toyota Hilux returns to country of origin

TOYOTA Motor Corporation has announced the reintroduction of the Hilux into the Japanese market after a 13-year hiatus, alongside the debut of the partially redesigned Land Cruiser Prado, both of which were launched through Toyota dealerships across Japan earlier this week. The special specification FJ Cruiser model will be launched through Toyota dealerships across Japan next month.

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