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Togolese protest against their President in Lagos

Togolese this morning gathered in Lagos to protest against President Faure Gnassimgbe’s ploy to run for a fourth term that will govern the country for 20 years after he took over from his father, Gnassimgbe Eyadema for ruled for 33 years. Dokpesi denies defection rumours, says APC is not attractive The constitution allows for two
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Togolese diaspora in Nigeria

19th December, 2019 MEMORANDUM On 27th April 1960, Togo, led by President Sylvanus Olympio under a multi-party system, gains her international sovereignty. Breaking: Impeached Trump says Democrats ‘consumed with hatred’ It all began with the 13th January 1963 coup d’état masterminded by Gnassingbe Eyadema, which materialized following the assassination of the first ever president elect.
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