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Students shisha video reinforces need to ban tobacco products sales near schools— CAPPA

The Yuletide and Why Nigeria Must Bridge Funding Gap in Tobacco Control

By Oluchi Robert The yuletide season is usually the period with the most celebrations and social activities globally. This invariably translates to higher consumption of food, drinks and other edibles, cancer-causing tobacco products not exempted. One industry that exploits the yuletide maximally is the tobacco industry which engages in promotions, giveaways and other activities that
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Dearth of funding affecting tobacco control, says NTCA

Still on the nagging issue of tobacco control funding

The recently-released Tobacco Interference Index 2020 Report which established that the Nigerian government has fallen short of several critical standards of transparency and probity in engagements with the tobacco industry, is indeed an eye-opener to how far the industry will go to thwart implementation of the World Health Organisation – Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC).

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