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The essence of Tithing

A lot have been said concerning tithing. While most people, especially Men of God, are of the view that people must continue to pay tithe as in Malachi 3:8-9, few others are of the view that tithing is no long-er necessary since Jesus Christ did not demand ti-the from his followers.

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Don’t persecute Daddy Freeze: Tithing today is a scam

When Daddy Freeze identified tithing as a modern-day scam in a fascinating interview, I was also asked to weigh in on the same issue by Sahara Reporters. But I declined because I did not think it was necessary to add anything to what he said. However, I have changed my mind seeing that some church heavyweights have come out swinging at him in the bid to undermine his message and safeguard their illicit financial bottom line.

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