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In these crazy times

IT is the season of madness and it suddenly seems strange to be normal. Fiction trails reality as Nigerians move from one scandalous episode to another. One doesn’t even know where to begin or from whom to  seek some explanation of the apparent mindlessness that has overtaken the land. As with all things at these times, Nigerian politicians are at the centre stage of the unfolding tragedy. As 2019 comes dangerously close (there seems to be many reasons why the people of this country have to be apprehensive of the approaching election), Nigerians can very well look forward to more  drama of bizarre composition.

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These are no ordinary times

What is accountability?It means that leaders acknowledge responsibility for actions or events taking place under their watch, and most importantly, they understand that they are morally, legally and ethically obliged to explain to stakeholders (the Nigerian people) how and why certain things occur.

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