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Time to choose wisely

WITH the emergence of candidates of all the 91 registered political parties at all levels of electoral contest, the stage is set for the formal flag-off of the campaigns and other electioneering activities. This is a moment for all Nigerians who registered to vote to exercise utmost care and pay close attention to the messages that will soon start getting churned out for vote-catching purposes.

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Master your time! Master your life!

Are you in control of your life? Or is your life out of control? Do you have a handle on your affairs? Or are you constantly living in reaction to the happenings around you? Has life become a dreaded ordeal as you go through the motions of the day? Or are you experiencing the thrills of living as you meet each day with excitement? Your answers to these questions reflect if you are living life by design or by default.

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A time to come together

THE consanguineous relationship of most of the people of Edo State is copiusly reflected in their culture and tradition and their monarchic political structure. Edo citizens revere their traditional rulers. Indeed, in Benin Kingdom, the Oba is practically worshipped and regarded as god on earth. However, the emergence of constitutional government in Nigeria and the endless bid to fashion out a suitable and equitable constitutional arrangement for the country has taken its toll on traditional institutions. The interest of the hitherto independent monarchies in Nigeria have not been fairly captured within the framework of democratic configuration

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Time to give back

It is high time Nigerians received a windfall, we know what is going on; there are billions of pounds that have been recovered and are languishing in the coffers or there about. This money can definitely make a difference in the quantity of lives of ordinary Nigerians. It is about time the government acted expediently to circulate the clawed back loot from the greedy politicians, and give back the money to the rightful owners: the Nigerian people.

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