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How govt can make local steel industry grow ― Nourelddine, Standard Metallurgical chief

Hussein Nourelddine, General Controller of Standard Metallurgical Company Limited, speaks on the sale of its steel plant assets to KAM Steel, an indigenous iron and steel products manufacturing company. Nourelddine also urged the Federal Government to encourage patronage of local products in the industry. Excerpts: KAM Steel recently acquired the steel plant assets of your
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Steel development, oil and gas: How MTI is bridging manpower

The failure to bridge the manpower gap in the industrial sector is one of the reasons for the classification of Nigeria as an underdeveloped nation in the face of abundant human and natural resources. With this in mind, successive governments made efforts to improve local capacity for the industrial sector with the establishment of tertiary and vocational institutes. One of such institutes, Metallurgical Training Institute (MTI) Onitsha, was designed to develop local manpower for the steel, oil and gas, as well as allied industries.

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