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Establishing a successful and enduring cooperative society

Cooperatives are risky and have limitations. But the long term benefits are very rewarding for the individual, the group and the nation. If you and some other people have decided to form one (everybody should be encouraged to belong to a cooperative group), the following tips would help you avoid or reduce to barest minimum, the risk and limitations of investment through a cooperative.

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It hurts me to see our society in decay— Judith Eyegho

To restore sanity to the educational sector and teach youths to emulate reputable role models who have served the nation credibly, Shalom Vineyard Initiative, a non-governmental organisation, initiated “Youth & Passion”, a programme designed to sensitize and educate young people from across the country. Here, the Executive Director of Shalom Vineyard Initiative, Ms.Judith Eyegho, cum Chairperson/Producer, Youth & Passion, speaks about the programme. Hear her:

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