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Sleep is important to your wellbeing

THERE is a saying that no one can cheat nature. You will definitely pay for it. That is why no matter how busy you may be as Homemakers, you should create time to rest. Always have it in mind that if you are not there, things will still work out. Your children will grow up and succeed you. Your husband will re-marry to keep body and soul together. If you still want to be relevant to yourself first, your family and the society, do not joke with your sleep, especially at night. Every night should not be for night vigil.

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‘Sleep-starved workers struggle to juggle family, work commitments’

Workers across West Africa and Nigeria (36%) report that they have to sacrifice sleep to fit in personal and work commitments, either by waking up too early or by burning the midnight oil. Although flexible working is highlighted as a way to reduce commuting, create more hours in the day for sleep or family life and to improve productivity and staff retention, only 53 per cent of firms in Africa are rewarding management for encouraging the creation of a flexible workforce.

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