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The vicious cycle of slave rearing

Economic migration did not just start today or yesterday. The holy book gave an account of how the Israelites got to Egypt. It was an economic migration. They were free born people, who migrated to Egypt in search of food and survival because their leaders squandered their resources during the years of plenty. Egyptian leaders on the other hand understood the economic cycles of bursts and booms, and prepared for the proverbial ‘rainy day’—or sunny and barren days as the case was at that time. Economic migration is more often than not, a manifestation of bad leadership.

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My humiliating ordeal as a slave in Oman —22-year-old Nigerian girl

The quest for greener pastures abroad by some Nigerian youths is on the increase despite calls by concerned citizens to desist from such practices. The aftermath of such trips, orchestrated by touts and dubious travel agents with consequential effects, is a sordid story. Many who embarked on such trips either to the point of destination or turned back, return to tell tales of bruised emotions or disorientation.

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Life in family slave camps

Hi, I found this letter written by someone I will simply call Sister G because of the sensitivity of the contents. The piece is so interesting I just couldn’t help sharing with you. As I read, memories of a former neighbour came flooding through my mind. She had a young boy living with the family, whom I later discovered was her husband’s nephew.

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