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Min-human heart

US scientists grow beating mini-human heart in lab

Scientists in the US have grown, in a lab, the first functioning mini-human heart models to help identify cardiac disorders. The human heart organoids (hHOs), which have functioning chambers and vascular tissue, were created with stem cells to mimic the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how a fetal heart develops in the womb.

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Braide appointed 1st female President-elect of Nigerian Academy of Science

By Sola Ogundipe The Nigerian Academy of Science, NAS, has appointed Professor Ekanem Braide as President-elect. A statement signed by Dr Oladoyin Odubanjo, Executive Secretary, NAS, stated that Braide, a professor of Parasitology/Epidemiology and erstwhile Vice-President of the Academy, will be the first female President of the Academy in 43 years of existence when she
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