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Elephant crushes scholar to death in Sri Lanka

A young university scholar has become the latest victim of a deadly wild elephant attack in Sri Lanka, officials said Monday, after a growing spate of similar incidents across the island nation. The 32-year-old was returning to her hostel at the University of Jaffna on Sunday when she was trampled. “She was with another friend
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We are children, not brides, says 11-year old scholar

Eleven-year-old Pearl Opara has a solution to the major challenges facing the country’s education sector. Speaking on the adverse effect of early child marriage on the future of the Nigerian child, Pearl tells Vanguard Learning: “We are children, not brides. Early child marriage is wrong; we must safeguard the future of the girl-child, and not deny her the experience of a good childhood. In this regard, our leaders must lead by example.”

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