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How to save money successfully

To save money successfully, not the volume of income is significant, but the correct financial habits. Here are some practical tips to help you improve your well-being at any level of wealth. Say goodbye to debt Almost every person has debts. Often people accumulate harmful debts – not a student loan or a mortgage, but
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Can a New Buharinomics Save Nigeria?

Every team serious about ‘change’ starts with a clear identification of the baseline from which it measures deviations/progress. Nigeria has had 16 uninterrupted years of democracy with the PDP controlling the federal government as well as majority of the states. APC is now in charge at both the centre and majority of the states. A minimum standard for measuring ‘change’ is the extent to which APC government beats the record of the PDP in measurable terms. As the saying goes, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve/change it!

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