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Restructuring our society: Saving the progressive alliance

IT is widely known and discussed in history books and colonial  documents that the British handed over power to the most conservative elements in the North. In both the North and the South, colonisation reinforced elitism and autocracy by granting the Native Authorities unbalanced, undisputed and unquestioned power, which despite misconceptions about pre-colonial African society, was a novelty.

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Another kind of restructuring: Legislating our way out of dysfunction

THE perennial focus on the Presidency is one of the reasons for the lack of real development in Nigeria. We forget that no president, no matter how intelligent, well prepared, or well-meaning, can govern without the support and firm backing of a legislature which is able to produce well thought out laws to institutionalise public policy. What we prefer in Nigeria is tokenism, or drop-in-the-ocean initiatives such as constituency projects: feeding 100 widows here and there, providing 500 pairs of glasses for indigent people or a few tricycles and sewing machines.

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