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Ladipo Adamolekun

Getting public service delivery right

Complaints about poor service delivery are louder in the country today than in 2007 when I examined the causes and proposed some remedies (Vanguard, October 24th 2007). Without question, the complaints are louder because the problem has worsened. For example, electricity supply, roads, education standards, and health care are worse today than they were twelve years ago.  In other words, our situation is worse than the memorable line from Baba Sala (late ace Yoruba comedian): ko pass ko fail, ko kuro lojukan – we have not progressed; we have retrogressed.  

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Testing the grit of the Public service(2)

FOR  many of us that have had the privilege of reading Liman Ciroma’s autobiography, Testing the grit of the Public Service, have found in it a rich account of the Nigeria’s public service. As the book jacket blurb rightly says, ‘it captures all the momentous events and landmarks of the period that spanned his time within the service, and especially those years which he headed it’.

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Obasanjo, Buhari

Testing the grit of the Public service

IT is the title of the autobiography of Liman Ciroma, who once combined the posts of Secretary of the Government of the Federation and Head of Service in 1977-79, and as I related on this page, last week, the book dealt mainly with the travails and successes of his extraordinary career in the public service that saw him rise to the pinnacles.

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