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Hong Kong spirals into rare working-hour violence as police shoot protester

Hong Kong police shot and wounded one protester who, hospital officials said, was in critical condition on Monday, as the Chinese-ruled territory spiraled into rare working-hours violence in its 24th straight week of pro-democracy unrest. Police fired tear gas in the Central business district where some protesters, crouching behind umbrellas, blocked streets as office workers
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Lebanon Protests: Major roads reopen after Prime Minister resigns

The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad al-Hariri was forced to resign by protesters who took to the street to express their dissatisfaction at the corruption state and inequality. Following the al-Hariri’s resignation, the Lebanese army urged the protesters to lift roadblocks so that activities could return to normal following the 13 days of demonstrations that
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Lebanese Protests: Prime Minister, al-Hariri promises to resign

Saad al-Hariri, the Lebanese Prime Minister on Tuesday promised to tender his government’s resignation to the Lebanese President Michel Aoun in response to the protests, saying he had “reached a dead end”. Lebanon has been gripped by unprecedented nationwide anti-government protests. Hariri called on all Lebanese to protect civil peace. Lebanese President invites protesters for
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