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#EndSARS Protest: No degree of brutal repression can quench flame — Bakare

Bakare and the limits of prophesy

By Alafia Oluwa A prophecy is a message that a messenger claims to have received from a divine authority for onward transmission to others or society. Evidence abounds in almost every culture across the world of instances of prophets who gave prophecies. The activities of such prophets or messenger usually involved revelation of divine will
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Naira currency: Ajami must go

2023 and a misshapen prophecy

AFTER being forced to dismount from his high horse over a grass-cutting business that went awry at the noon of his stint in unelected public office, Babachir Lawal, former Secretary to Nigeria’s Federal Government, has turned to another venture. He has sauntered into the edgyenterprise of looking into the crystal ball. First, he took a deep dip into the past to lay hold on the Time Machine developed in 1895 by English science fiction writer, H. G. Wells. Then, he used the contraption to glide from today into the misty tomorrow. Cocooned in the cockpit of the craft, Lawal time-travelled to a nearby age: 2023. It’s not a distant future, less than four years. So he’s back, brimming with news for his anxious countrymen. What did he see about the close era that we who have been gloomily glued to the present 2019 aren’t permitted to behold?

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