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Why blacks continue to fall for self destructive propaganda

Propaganda continues to be the bane of the Black Race. Time and time again, it has been shown that words are more effective than the gun to arrest our economic and political development, and if care is not taken our people will perish due to lack of knowledge. In a nutshell, propaganda in 1966,1983 and 2014 destroyed our democratic dispensations and economy, and stopped our global ascendancy since 1960 independence.

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Polls: Your vote is your power – Prof. Nnanyelugo Okoro

The Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN, Professor Nnanyelugo Okoro, has urged the Nigerian eligible electorates not to be deterred by the postponement of the presidential and parliamentary elections but should come out en masse to perform their civic responsibilities next week because, according to him, their votes are their only power to ensuring good governance in the country.

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Enhancing cultural tourism: Beyond propaganda

FOR quite a long time, it has become an irritating stance exhibited at both federal and state levels that issues related to the propagation and realistic promotion of our national creative themes have always been treated with unserious and insultive actions which, to the real disciples of creativity make them the forgotten part of our citizenry.

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