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Let no problem overwhelm you

Why do some people allow their problems to overwhelm them? Brethren, any one who allows a problem to overwhelm or over-power him or her, can never be delivered of such problem. Who are those who allow problems to weigh them down? They are the people who attach importance to the problems confronting them.

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Biafra not Nigeria’s problem

BIAFRA is not one of the problems besetting Nigeria. Those unable to appreciate this fact may require a dose of creative thinking. Nigeria’s stubborn thorn in the flesh is its adamant repudiation of the self-evident concept of the changelessness of change, upon which sits a crippling unwillingness to engage that same constancy of change. There are two random but famous declarations – one little remembered today, the other something of a mantra – that neatly wrap up the national antiparty to inexorable change and its management.

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