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Why higher crude oil prices won’t save Nigeria’s economy

Nigeria’s income from crude oil export has lately been boosted, fortuitously, by the unexpected rise in crude oil prices, beyond the 2017 budget benchmark of $44.5/barrel. This favourable outcome which is evidently buoyed by OPEC’s strategic supply management, should ordinarily be a blessing to our economy. Indeed, such optimism on oil price may also be sustained by the International Energy Agency’s January 2018 Oil Market Report, which projects oil price to remain between $60-$70/barrel this year.

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UBANI’S F-L-I-C-K-S! Prostitutes, Promos, Prices

Warnings are repeatedly given to athletes, officials and travelling fans to beware of gatherings. And it is difficult to stay away from such fanciful, colourful gatherings, where women tantalize men with their hips and their dressings that leave you to commit sins without any practical involvement. That is the time they choose to strike. When your attention is arrested and feasting on their women, they tend to take back from you what your eyes have taken from their women. Many have lost their travel documents as well as their iphones, ipads, earphones, cash, handbags, and jewellery. Anything that is not protected. These criminals would do anything to make their steal.

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