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We can’t disclose asset declarations by presidents, govs on ground of privacy, says CCB

The Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) has denied a Freedom of Information request demanding specific details of asset declarations submitted to it by successive presidents and state governors since 1999, arguing that: “producing such information would amount to an invasion of privacy of presidents and state governors. Asset declaration form is private information.

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Our former presidents are absent again!

There have been two public national ceremonies in two weeks. The seats reserved for former heads of state were empty. General Gowon sat alone on May 29. On June 12, leaders came from other countries. But our former leaders stayed away from our celebration of democracy. In Banana republics, former leaders live in forced exile in foreign lands. But in our great country, they are free men.  What then could be their anger? And what could be this message?

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Presidents and promises: Undoing of Buhari –1

For me and several other people to whom I have spoken, the events leading to the release of the amounts recovered by The Federal Government by the Minister of Information on Saturday, June 4, 2016, without the list of names promised by President Buhari was an embarrassment in many ways. Only God knows how many friends and associates I have lost since 2011 on account of my total support for Buhari, who was the closest person to meet my idea of the sort of leader needed in Nigeria at this particular time when corruption killing us. I always felt that he was a leader who would keep his promises once made. You might not agree with the promise, but, you knew where you stood with him. The other person was late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

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