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Relevance of separation of powers and its application to Nigeria

THE principle of law    is that one cannot give that which he does not have. This principle is derived from the Latin maxim – nemo dat non habet. It is upon this threshold that modern state constitutions acknowledge and embody the doctrine of separation of powers in the delineation of governmental powers to institutions and functionaries of government in such a manner that each circuit of governmental powers namely: legislative, executive and judiciary are administered by separate and distinct individuals.

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Devolution of powers: We are watching National Assembly – Akwa Ibom Speaker

I will not use the word disappointed. I will say I differ with the Senate on that matter because for me, presently Nigeria is talking about restructuring and I believe that devolution of powers to other levels of governance is at the centre of the debate. My thinking on restructuring is devolution of power; we have too much power concentrated at the centre. There is need to devolve lots of power to the states, if we need to have constant power supply.

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