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Southern Nigerians more willing to emigrate than northerners ― Survey

Nigeria’s working-age population will increase 125% by 2050 ― World Bank By Rasheed Sobowale The World Bank Group has estimated that the current trend of Nigeria’s population increase will make the nation experience about 125 per cent increase in its working-age population by 2050. This means those aged 15 to 64 will increase from 107,702,000
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Nigeria’s increasing population and child malnutrition

AFRICA is the second most populous continent with over one billion people in the world. Sadly, the greatest number of births in the continent takes place in Nigeria. In fact, a forecast at a point did project that by 2015, one fifth of the continent’s entire births would take place in Nigeria alone, accounting for five percent of all global births which was relatively a reality. Presently, Nigeria’s population is over 180 million.

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