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After PMB’s victory, it’s now To Your Tents O’ Israel for APC guber candidates

APC sak!  That is the Hausa expression for  APC, all the way.  For the initiates in the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, it is simply a call on it’s members not vote personalities but the party from councillorship to president irrespective of the character or quality of candidates thrown up by the party for such positions. Anything other than that could well be regarded as anti-party.

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PMB, The principalities and powers By Femi Asdesina

Yet, don’t gloat? Strange and curious. Human dictum is ‘an eye for an eye.’ You don’t brook principalities and powers. Rather, you take the battle to them, and cast them out into the dry desert places. But President Buhari now says an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind. They don’t seem to make them like this older and less ruthless Buhari anymore. We continue to learn. Sai Baba!

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What they don’t see: A reflection on PMB at 76

In the final months of transition from military to civil rule between 1998 and 1999, I never felt the enthusiasm that gripped most people in the country. My lethargic disposition at that time was not due to the uncertainty of whether the process would work – it was largely seen as an attempt, an experiment, a trial at that time because no one was certain the military will retreat to their barracks and stay put for one year without overthrowing the elected government, so any thought of a decade without military rule was stretching it.

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NASS’ threat to impeach PMB (1) ‘I think the impeachment move is a political threat’

It’s not a threat, but a motion that is about to commence. If Buhari is not impeached in the next three months, there will be no elections from the look of things. It will shock Nigerians to note that as for now, we are undergoing total breakdown of law and order with the Buhari executive’s excesses over NASS and the Judiciary. He must be impeached to restore confidence on our economy by the international community because they have lost confidence in Nigeria.

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