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NAMA says Azman plane did not run out of fuel

Nigeria Airspace Management Authority, NAMA, Monday said it is not true that Azman Air plane on flight from Kano to Nnamidi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja ran out of fuel after hovering the Abuja Airport for some minutes. The agency added that it does not have record of an Azman plane declaring an emergency that it is running out of fuel.

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Benin stowaway boy: ‘Four years after noise from the plane’s engines still echoes in my ears’

On Saturday, August 24, 2013, 13-year-old Daniel Ohikhena, from Owan, Edo State, stowed from Benin Airport to Lagos in the wheel well of Arik flight W3 544. When the flight landed at the Lagos Airport, security agents and passengers aboard the flight were shocked to see the boy creeping out of one of the wheels of the aircraft. The security agents and passengers thought he was a ghost until they found that the boy stowed to Lagos. Daniel told journalists then that he thought the flight was going to America as he wanted to travel outside Nigeria.

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