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Pius Adesanmi

Pius Adesanmi: The human oxymoron politicians must learn from

PROFESSOR Toyin Falola has put it most concisely: Pius Adesanmi is the man who leaves and lives. He argues that although Adesanmi is leaving the scene, still he lives. He’s gone, but he’s not done. He’s gone, but he’s still on. He’s dead, but not dust. There is more to Falola’s dirge than the lyrical alliteration. There’s also more to the oxymoron of a departure that yet defies an exit. To capture or press a point, you must confront it with its alter ego. To prove Adesanmi ‘lives’ on, you challenge his death with the greater fact of what he has left behind that offers the assurance of his being alive, as it were. You put the two opposite each other: Adesanmi’s death and his works and life that touched many he seems to have left orphaned.

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Requiem for Pius Adesanmi

OUR paths never crossed on this earth, but we had a lot in common. We shared a similar worldview and intellectual culture as columnists and public intellectuals. He was an Okun Yoruba from Kabba, which made him my fellow Middle Belt compatriot. Like him, I also studied French language and civilisation, although mine was preparatory for post-graduate work in Economics, Public Administration and Law. We both had the privilege of moving freely from French Cartesian philosophical thinking to Anglo-Saxon philosophical empiricism – the best preparation, in my view, for any public intellectual worthy of the name.

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Pius Adesanmi: Endless tears

I WAS ruminating on the death of democracy which the recently concluded elections in Nigeria represents when the sad news came to me on Sunday from Bola Akanbi that my friend and brother, Prof Pius Adesanmi, was among the dead passengers on the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft that crashed six minutes after take off.

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Tribute to late Prof. Pius Adesanmi

My Tribute to Late Professor Pius Adesanmi   Oh pius, ‪The son of Adesanmi, ‪The son of Isanlu, ‪A proud son of Okun land, ‪The land of my birth. ‪A patriot. ‪A hero by all standards. ‪Saved from bad Nigerian roads, ‪Drowned in the skies. You didn’t experience oppression yourself, But you spoke against it
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