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Wolves in sheep’s clothing:Lagos pharmacies and quackery

The rot is deep. The health sector is a suppurating sore. Quackery is rife.  If there is regulation, it doesn’t catch rogues. In nearly every district in Lagos there are flourishing  fake clinics. It isn’t just auxiliary nurses masquerading full time as doctors.  There are people who have received no medical training  but who are  confidently running thriving hospitals. The unsuspecting public are not to blame.  Patients do not usually scrutinize doctors licenses and qualifications. This army of  counterfeit doctors  attend to light and grave cases  and  routinely evacuate products of unwanted  conception. The roadside patent medicine dealers have been around since the ages. They have been dangerously filling gaps left by a decrepit health system. They  play the roles of doctors, pharmacists and nurses, combined.  They are responsible for most of the avoidable deaths from illegal abortion.

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