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Edo guber: Choice before he people

EMERGING projections point to the fact that the purveyors of the desperate craze to lure the people of Edo State into the vortex of neo-colonial subservience and allegiance to an Aliko Dangote who, through the sitting Governor of the state is bent on foisting a surrogate on Edo State.

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Ooni Ogunwusi… choice of the gods, blessing to the people- Prof . Aderibigbe

Prof. Adeyemi Aderibigbe, perhaps the oldest of the Princes from Giesi Ruling House of Ile – Ife was chair of the family screening committee which sifted chaff from the wheat, to present the eligible princes to the 16 kingmakers and Ifa divinity, for the choice of Ooni. He had contested for the stool in 1980 when it became vacant upon the translation of the much revered Sir Adesoji Aderemi, who was Ooni for 50 years.

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